Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Become a Member - Dealer

DPHA Dealer members are
  • Privately held companies whose primary business are the sale of premium and luxury decorative plumbing and/or hardware to the consumer public or specifying trade. 
  • Operators of at least one retail showroom with a minimum of 1,000 square feet of showroom space or at least 2/3 of the showroom space exclusively dedicated to premium and luxury decorative plumbing and/or hardware merchandise.

Download a DPHA Dealer membership application.

DPHA benefits provide competitive advantages for members by
  • Improving business operations
  • Enhancing staff performance
  • Giving a voice to advance the industry
  • A community where like-minded professionals come together to share solutions and ideas for making DPH businesses more competitive and successful

Program and publications that improve business operations
  • Newsleak. DPHA's magazine is published twice a year.  Each issue features association and industry news, solutions to common problems and issues in our industry and other information to help you succeed in DPH.
  • Connections. DPHA's weekly e-newsletter is the leading source of new product information for the decorative plumbing and hardware industry.  Published 50 times ayear, each issue features association and industry news, solutions to common problems and issues in our industry and other information to help you succeed in DPH.
  • DPHA Members-Only Web Site. Features model employee manuals, job descriptions, information exchanges and chat areas addressing the leading issues of the day.
  • DPHA Consumer Message Brochures. A series of educational electronic brochures for showroom customers that explain why independent showrooms should be the destination of choice for DPH purchases.
  • Message Brochures for DPH Allied Professionals. Brochures for designers, architects, builders, contractors and installers that explain the value of working with a DPHA member showroom.  The installer message brochure is available in English and Spanish.
  • Door Take-Off System. An easy-to-use door take-off system to help you use the best process for our project and avoid common problems.

Programs and publications that improve staff performance
  • DPHA Education Program. DPHA's signature offering.  The 22-volume modular education program combines technical training, product knowledge, style guides and sales guidance for selling in a premium and luxury showroom.
  • DPHA Recognition Program. DPHA's optional program which rewards DPH showroom professionals for their product knowledge and sales expertise.  The program is available only to DPHA members.  The series of exams are based on information contained in the DPHA Education Program manuals, and each exam relates to an individual product category (i.e., lavatory faucets, tubs, cabinet hardware, etc.).  To be recognized in each category, participants must answer 100% of the questions correctly.  DPHA issues electronically certificates to those participants who successfully pass all of the plumbing, hardware and general knowledge programs.
  • Connections. A weekly e-letter for showroom sales staff, operation personnel, customer service specialists and other team members top improve their skill sets.  Topics covered include responding to customers who claim they can purchase products cheaper on the Internet to responding to angry customers.
  • Employee Assessment Program. Consists of tools to help you find and hire top-flight staff for your company.
  • Employee Assistance Program. Allows you to provide your employees with assistance in a cost-effective manner covering areas generally beyond the reach of small businesses.
A voice that advances and protects the independent DPH channel
  • "DPH Perspectives" Column in Kitchen & Bath Design News. Widely acclaimed quarterly column providing a voice for our industry in the leading magazine for the kitchen and bath industry.
  • DPHA Awards Program. Generates public recognition of outstanding products, individuals and performance in decorative plumbing and hardware.  Winners are announced in publications ranging from Kitchen and Bath Design News to Wall Street Journal.

A community where the like-minded professional come together to share solutions and ideas for making DPH businesses more competitive and successful
  • Annual DPHA ConferenceThe must-attend event for the independent channel.  The largest gathering of premium and luxury DPHA professionals in North America, featuring industry experts, hands-on workshops, roundtable discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities.
  • Annual Product Showcase. The largest exhibit of luxury and premium decorative plumbing and hardware products in North America.  Spotlights new products and design concepts from leading manufacturers.
  • Networking Opportunities. Membership in a network of leading showrooms, manufacturers and representative agencies passionately committee to advancing the independent DPH channel.
  • Committee Service Opportunities. Chance to build and expand upon peer network by serving on one of DPHA's committees and having a say in the future of your industry.

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