Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mark Your Calendars - 2017 Award Nominations Will Begin on May 15

Our office has been getting several calls in the past few weeks regarding nominations for the 2017 annual awards, so we just wanted to reassure everyone that you haven't missed anything yet.  Nominations will open on May 15 and run through July 15, and we will not only announce this in the May 12th issue of Connections, but via an email blast to our entire membership on May 15th and several reminder mentions in future issues of Connections during the summer.

Remember, everyone wants to be appreciated and recognized for their contributions, but few of us take the time to say thank you to our exceptional peers for what they do for our companies, our organization and our industry. Starting on May 15, we will be asking for just a few minutes of your time to change this trend by submitting applications and nominations to the 2017 DPHA Awards program. At that time, you will be able to submit nominations for the following honors:

  • DPHA Showroom of the Year - 2016 winner was Pierce Hardware in Dallas, TX
  • DPHA Showroom Professional of the Year - 2016 winner was Kymberly Weiner of Best Plumbing Tile & Stone
  • DPHA Manufacturing Professional of the Year - 2016 winner was Cary Hergenrother of LIXIL Brands
  • DPHA Representative Agency Professional of the Year - 2016 winner was John Matlack of Level 5 Sales & Marketing
  • DPHA Rep Agency of the Year - 2016 winner was Associated Sales
  • DPHA Manufacturer Customer Service Department of the Year - 2016 Winner was Infinity Drain
  • DPHA Products of the Year (POTY) -
    • Plumbing Product, Fixtures (sinks, tubs, toilets) - 2016 winner was the Alape 2step Sink
    • Plumbing Product, Water Delivery (faucets, showerheads and valves) - 2016 winner was Axor's ShowerSelect SoftCube Thermostatic Trim
    • Furniture - 2016 winner was The Galley Dresser
    • Hardware - 2016 winner was Hamilton Sinkler's DP140Z Triangular Door Pull
    • Accessories - 2016 winner was MrSteam's Linear Steamhead
For the Product of the Year (POTY) awards, DPHA is also in the process of confirming an independent panel of distinguished industry editors, designers and professionals for judging the five different products of the year. Those judges will be announced at the time the award nominations open on May 15.

Manufacturers take note: When was the last time you were handed a golden
opportunity to have your new products analyzed and critiqued by leading
journalists of publications that are read and respected by your clients and
prospects? DPHA is once again providing you this opportunity. Be sure to take
advantage of it beginning next month.

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