Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The 17-in-17 Program Recognizes Dannielle Rabuck at Designer Bath, Kitchen & Hardware in Timonium, MD

The DPHA 17-in-17 Program recognizes up-and-coming influencers in the decorative plumbing and hardware business. This program will profile 17 DPHA members with 10 or less years of experience. Each month from June through October 2017, members will be inducted into the 17-in-17 club, and their stories will be featured in DPHA's weekly newsletter, Connections. This week we recognize Dannielle Rabuck, a sales associate and administrative assistant at Designer Bath, Kitchen & Hardware in Timonium, MD.

Dannielle comes to the DPH industry from the food service business.  Per one of her nominators, she consistently understands the high-end client, strives to go above and beyond with every customer while being conscientious of their situation, and endeavors to sell the complete package while keeping her customers educated about all their available options. She has a positive outlook, makes everyone who comes into the showroom feel welcome, and is more than happy to visit a job site should problems arise.   
To quote directly from a nominator, "She is detail oriented, has great follow up and follow-through skills, and is very organized. She quickly reached out to learn and absorb everything she can, which makes her the amazing salesperson she is."
Connections: How long have you been in the DPH industry?

Dannielle: 3 years  
Connections: What has surprised you about the industry?

Dannielle: My biggest surprise has been the outpouring of support from all corners. I have met so many wonderful people; everyone just wants to see you excited about the product and be successful in educating customers about it and selling it. From the sales representatives, the owners of the companies I sell for, to the customer service representatives I have never even met, they have all been so nice, helpful, and accommodating to every question and concern I have had. It is a positive energy and passion that I both appreciate and share. 
Connections: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in our industry?

Dannielle: My biggest challenge thus far has been competing with the Internet in closing a sale. This has been the case from a small sale of a few pieces of cabinet hardware to a large sale involving a whole bathroom. In most cases, I have been able to make the customer understand and fear the possibilities of what could happen from buying online. I face this challenge often, being competitive with price occasionally and finding most of my pull is with my positioning of customer service and all the benefits to buying from a showroom versus buying from online vendors.   

Connections: What do you enjoy about being in this industry?

Dannielle: I most enjoy helping a customer through a project. Big or small, each one is unique in its own way. It can be a puzzle at times that I can help the customer figure out. Most people only understand what they like as it pertains to the aesthetics of product and I have been able to educate customers about functionality that has really helped them in their decision making process. Each customer I help provides a new learning experience. I love that there is always something new to learn and I challenge myself to learn something new every day. 

Connections: Anything else you would like to add?

Dannielle: I started in this business a little over three years ago when I made my departure from the restaurant business. I was a restaurant manager for almost five years and needed a change that offered more stability and opportunity for my son and I. I couldn't be happier with the change I have made. I have made new business relationships, friendships and have been given a platform for great opportunity and growth.   

If you would like to nominate someone for the 17-in-17 program, click here to download the nomination form, complete it and send your nomination to Jim Babbitt via email at or fax to 866-623-6180. It takes only a few minutes to complete a nomination form, but isn't that time well spent for recognizing someone who is making an impact on your business and/or our industry?

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