Friday, January 19, 2018

The Benefits of Committee Service

There was a lot of enthusiasm at the DPHA Annual Conference in Chandler, AZ last October and none more so than at DPHA committee meetings.  Committees are "where the rubber meets the road" and value is created.  DPHA committee service is a stepping stone to becoming an industry leader, because serving on a DPHA committee offers skills, training and experiences needed to grow personally and professionally.
Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to give back? Do you want to lead?  Consider joining a DPHA committee. Here are few of the returns on investment that you will receive from contributing your time to DPHA committee service.
  • An opportunity for meaningful involvement in the premier association serving the decorative plumbing and hardware industry.
  • The ability to help direct DPHA activities and programs.
  • Leadership skills that enable you to advance your career and demonstrate to customers, corporate executives and others that you possess the qualifications and experience to accept increased levels of responsibility.
  • Delegation skills that enhance staff productivity and improve performance.
  • Public speaking and presentation skills that are easily transferable for new project presentations.
  • Budgeting skills that save time and money.
  • Strategic planning capabilities.
  • Performance monitoring skills that enable you to better direct staff and oversee day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Media relations skills.
  • Entrepreneurial skills that position individuals to accept leadership positions.
  • Access to an unprecedented source of decorative plumbing and hardware industry and business information.
  • Life-long friendships!
DPHA is looking for a few committed volunteers who can help guide the association and give back to their industry while enhancing their individual skill sets and network. If you would like to volunteer for the Awards, Education, Marketing or Program & Showcase Committees, send an email to Rebekah Covay at

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