Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Reasons Why Premier Marketing Was Named 2017 Representative Agency of the Year

The DPHA Representative Agency of the Year Award recognizes firms for their:
  • Training programs
  • Customer service
  • Involvement and support of the industry
  • Professionalism
  • Demonstrated ability to create value for lines and showrooms
In each of the above criteria, Premier Marketing excels.  Covering all of California and northern Nevada, and led by Mary and Alan Labowitz (Mary was actually our first member honored with the DPHA Representative Professional of the Year award in 2003), Premier Marketing team members are trained to not only sell, but to build relationships with their customer base.  Indeed, "relationship building" is seen as one of the primary keys to the way they conduct their business.

Premier Marketing also feels very strongly that they must have both inside and outside sales people to truly be a value to their customers.  To that end, there are two full-time trained inside sales staff to provide customer service available Monday through Friday, and their close relationships with showroom staff often find them responding to emails and calls long after the office has closed.  Readily available to address issues and up-to-date on manufacturer procedures, Meg and Kylie often think "outside the box" to find solutions that are both reasonable to their manufacturer partner and helpful to the showroom.

All outside sales team members are required to join a local or national trade organization, and then attend regular meetings on their respective boards.  Currently, Premier Marketing team members are active members of DPHA, NKBA, NARI, NAOPSP and NEWH ( to name a few).  For their showroom customers, Premier invests heavily in product training for each of their partner manufacturers, working closely with showroom staffs via group PK's and one-on-one training sessions.  As one of their nominators declared, "trainings are focused and clear", while another commented that "their PK's are thorough and delivered effectively and professionally". 

Additionally, Premier conducts extensive lunch-and-learn training sessions to the A&D community.  According to a third nominator, "This agency generates many specifications through their work with the design community.  This has translated into value across the country for the lines they represent."

Premier Marketing strives to partner with each showroom customer and manufacturer they represent, and this was certainly reflected in the phrases that were used to describe the agency on their various nomination forms - professional, quick to respond, going the extra mile and continued excellence - just to name a few.  All of these reasons, and so many more, are why DPHA was delighted to have Premier Marketing named as our 2017 Representative Agency of the Year.

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