Saturday, February 10, 2018

You Are Not Alone

Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, DPHA's Executive Committee (EXCO) met to discuss issues and opportunities facing the Association that were then further expanded upon during the Board of Directors' meeting January 22nd in Dallas, TX.  Several ideas and programs were not only discussed, but acted upon for this year and beyond, not least of which is DPHA's new mission statement, which is also reflected in the Connections header above -

"A network of elite decorative hardware and plumbing professionals striving to create a culture of excellence and education." 

Invariably, one of the discussions led back to the age-old question "Why should someone join DPHA?" Although the answer seems obvious to those of us who are involved, the continual challenge is attempting to put something meaningful down on paper.  After some very animated conversations, here is what the groups came up with:
You are not alone. As a member of DPHA, you belong to the finest association of decorative plumbing and hardware professionals in North America. DPHA is a network of people who are passionate about not only the DPH industry, but its people. This passion drove the creation of DPHA and propels us to keep improving our people, our businesses and our industry.
In this age of technology, it is still people who make the real difference. Yes, DPHA offers a host of programs and deliverables, but we know our real strength is the power and passion of our members. Networking doesn't really describe the informal mentoring, consulting, business creation and peer-to-peer sharing that goes with being a member of DPHA.  Competition is tough and getting tougher, and we can all use a good partner. When you are a member of DPHA, you have a lot of them. You are not alone.
Mutual goals for member companies -  
  • Create and follow standards for the DPH industry
  • Promote professionalism throughout the DPH industry
  • Recognize and respect the role of all industry segments
  • Strive to create luxury experiences in all areas of business
  • Cultivate professional sales and support people through ongoing education and standards
  • Commit to adhere to the DPHA Code of Conduct
Goals for our three primary member segments - 
  • Manufacturers
    • Promote quality of construction and originality of design
    • Implement, maintain and enforce clear pricing policies for all channels
    • Partner with dealers and representatives to create effective return policies appropriate to our changing industry
    • Craft service policies to help keep DPH dealers competitive in today's market
    • Support ongoing education to foster excellence of DPH professionals
  • Representatives
    • Endeavor to be a skilled advocate for both the manufacturer and dealer
    • Cultivate and sustain sound business practices in your agency
    • Show up with a purpose to always support your manufacturers and respect dealer's time
    • Follow a strategy outside the showroom to identify and promote sales opportunity for your manufacturers and dealers
    • Deliver great communications in all areas
  • Dealers
    • Enact an ongoing program of education and training to create and sustain career sales people proficient in luxury sales
    • Recognize the role of industry partners to aid your success and respect their time and efforts
    • Commit to a consistent refreshment of your displays and showroom in accordance with new designs and product introductions
    • Pledge to adhere to manufacturer pricing policies
    • Partner with companies that practice policies to grow and support the DPH industry
As a member of DPHA, you are a member of a community, one that is supportive and inclusive.  Indeed, you are not alone!

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