Friday, March 2, 2018

To Our Association Cheerleaders - Did You Know That DPHA Recruiting Efforts are Worth More Than Just Our Thanks?

Did you know that there is a program that rewards you for bringing new members to DPHA? The DPHA Marketing Committee continues to make it worth your while to recruit new DPHA members. Have  any new member list your name or company on the "Referred to DPHA by" line on their membership application, and you will receive credit for that new member joining or rejoining our association.

The incentive program is simple and straight-forward. Modeled after frequent flyer programs, DPHA awards recruiter credits for every new member who joins or rejoins our association. There is no time limit or expiration on these recruiter credits, and they can be "cashed in" at any time for the following items:  
  • 1 recruiter credit: $25 certificate
  • 3 recruiter credits: Dinner on DPHA up to $100
  • 5 recruiter credits: Dues for a year
  • 10 recruiter credits: Free conference attendance
These recruiter credits have been tracked since January 1, 2014, so if you believe you may already have some credits to your name, contact Jim Babbitt at 224-999-0434 or via email at He will be happy to check his list for you. And thanks for continuing to spread the good word about our association!

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