Friday, April 6, 2018

New Member Benefit: First Page Appearance on Google Searches

Studies over the past few years show that website blogs offer many benefits for those people and companies who post them, including some of the following: 
  1. Blogging boosts search engine optimization.  Google loves fresh content and there is no better way to generate frequent content than from blog costs.  The result typically is that your showroom or company shows up on the first page of local market Google searches without having to pay for ad words or other costs.
  2. Develop and enhance relationships with potential and existing customers.  Blogging creates connections with web site visitors because the blogs we will develop will answer questions that customers ask most often.
  3. Blogging makes you an expert.  It helps to build trust and clout within the industry.
  4. Blogging connects people to the company's brand and reflects a personal side of the business.
  5. Blogging creates opportunities for sharing.  Every blog post can be shared by your audience with others. 
DPHA is proud to announce their new Blog-for-Our-Members program.  We offer this new member benefit because we know that many of our members don't have the time to create a consistently issued blog. We do the work and all you need to do is post the blog from your website.  Here is an initial list of some of the topics that will be featured in the weekly blogs we will craft for your use:
  • How much does a new master bath cost?
  • Budgeting for a bath remodel
  • How to use color to create value
  • What's trending in the world of plumbing
  • How to achieve a luxury look without spending a fortune
  • Ensuring the best intentions result in the best outcome
  • Everything including the kitchen sink
  • I guess that's why they call it the blues (how and why to incorporate blue tones in the bath)
  • Creating additional space is an art
  • What's trending in bath design?
  • Current state of bath design
  • How to furnish a bathroom
  • The art of placing cabinet hardware
  • Open floor plan baths
  • The latest kitchen trends
  • What is modern design?
  • Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the bath
  • The right light
  • The only thing you have to fear is fear itself (how not to be afraid to renovate)
  • How to select the most used appliance in the home
  • Tips for maintaining a white themed bathroom
This new program will begin on May 1st, and those members who subscribe will receive a blog every week.  Subscriber fees are $199 per month - or $999 for 6 months (you get one month of blogs for free) - or $1,899 per year (you get 2 1/2 months of blogs for free).  To sign up for the program, simply contact Rebekah Covay at or Jim Babbitt at and let them know the subscriber rate you would like to start with.  
This is a great chance for DPHA members to not only quit complaining about the Internet, but to use it to their advantage.  We know that almost every bath remodel begins on Google.  Here is your opportunity to appear on the first page of Google searches.

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