Friday, April 20, 2018

They're At It Again - Did You Receive This Spam Email?

Well, those mystery bloggers are at it again. If you or your staff received the above email earlier this week, please be advised it was not sent out by DPHA.  On April 3rd and again on April 17th, DPHA Staff was notified of a spam email circulating through the inboxes of our clientele (thanks to those who let us know, since our Apple computers automatically filed it in our Spam folders and therefore we never saw it originally). Please do not engage with those sending these emails to you. "Charlie", "Natalie" and any other emails from or (or other such unknown entities, for that matter) are not associated with your DPHA Staff in any way.  And how would they have a DPHA Attendees List for the 2018 Annual Conference since we haven't even started the registration process yet?

The DPHA database, email accounts and contact lists have not been compromised, and rest assured that we do not sell your contact information to others in any form. Please contact Jim Babbitt or Rebekah Covay with any questions or concerns you might have.

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