Saturday, November 9, 2019

Dornbracht RAINMOON Rain Panel Named DPHA 2018 Dealers' Choice Award Winner

If you have read Connections over the past few years, you may remember that the Awards Committee introduced the Dealers' Choice award with the intent of putting new products in front of the staffs of every DPHA dealer. Basically, this award category works like this:

  • Every product submitted last year for the 2018 Product of the Year was eligible to win the Dealer's Choice Award.
  • Voting took place after the conference last year and details on how to vote were emailed to all DPHA dealer members in our database and via Constant Contact on November 2nd and 16th, and December 7th. Additionally, several articles appeared in our weekly eletter, Connections, with the voting details.
  • All dealer showroom staff members who have a DPHA login were eligible to vote. There was one vote per person and no, this election was not rigged!
There were many votes cast for the various nominated products in 2018, and the winner was ...

Dornbracht RAINMOON Rain Panel

Water, light, energy – RAINMOON represents a new dimension of a highly-individual shower experience. The spa application permits a unique encounter with the element of water: two newly-developed flow modes and a unique moonlight are combined to create an emotional water experience providing new life energy.

RAINMOON is distinguished by its particularly minimalist design, attributing focus to the unique water experience. A dome in the ceiling forms the central element which is seamlessly integrated in its surroundings and practically merges invisibly with the bathroom or spa interior. The dome offers a particularly deep-view effect: by means of a concealed light strip inside the semi-sphere, RAINMOON creates the perfect mood lighting while generating a feeling of infiniteness when gazing upwards. The unique water experience is created by two innovative flow modes.
Please don't forget that all products that are listed in the 2019 Product of the Year Guide are now eligible to receive the 2019 Dealers' Choice award, which will be announced during the Friday morning opening session of the 2020 DPHA Annual Conference and Product Showcase. Voting will take place shorty after the conclusion of this year's annual conference, so look for notices in upcoming issues of Connections. Additionally, details on how to vote will be emailed to all DPHA dealer members in our database and via Constant Contact in the near future. This process will take only a few minutes, but it gives every dealer member a chance to be heard, with no gerrymandering involved.

Thanks again to our members for their nomination submittals and congratulations to this year's winners. If you would like to see all of the products that were nominated this year, many of which you can see at this year's Product Showcase, simply click here to download the 2019 Product of the Year Guide. And if you aren't here with the rest of us at the conference right now, we hope we see you next year at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 22-25!

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